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Auto Glass Canada - Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield Repair and Replacement

At Auto Glass Canada we will always check to see if your windshield is repairable, saving you both time and money.

We understand that your life doesn’t stop when you crack your windshield. That’s why our technicians will always asses your windshield properly so it can be quickly repaired; so you’re back on the track as soon as possible. You should never ignore chips in your car’s windshield. They can crack at any time, compromising both your safety and the car condition. Don’t wait, call us right away today to have our experienced technicians repair the damage, prevent further cracks and improve your car’s cosmetic appearance. We will always inspect the glass to see if it can be repaired first. In case of severe damage, we will still replace the glass at minimal cost to you. Call us to receive a free evaluation of the damage.

Why Choose us

20 plus years experience

Auto Glass Canada is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. We have a complete inventory of OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) manufacturer quality windshields, door glasses, and back windows for every car make and model.

Whatever Make or Model

Whether it be a crack or chip that you need, let Auto Glass Canada be your one-stop Auto Glass Replacement solution. From complete windshield replacement and installation to small chip and auto glass crack repair, Auto Glass Replacement Canada does it all.

A Green Company

We have always been a company which recognizes the importance of preserving our country’s natural beauty. For this reason, we have been steadfast supporters of the green initiative by recycling all broken windshields, the proper way.

Free Mobile Service

Driving around with a broken windshield is dangerous for both you and your car. This is why we come to you, for your windshield repair and replacement needs.

Covered by Insurance?

We offer an option for direct billing to your insurance company, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Wherever you are
we're just a call away!

Auto Glass Canada Windshield Repair and Replacement Service

Auto Glass Canada is able to service a great breadth of vehicle types; we deal with American and foreign cars, trucks, vans, and even recreational vehicles. To obtain a free estimate just go online and browse our online quote page. We are so confident our company will fulfill your unique requirements, we offer a lifetime guarantee on factory defects, workmanship issues, and leaks.

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Auto Glass Canada is the country’s premier windshield replacement & windshield repair services company

Our company will repair and replace your vehicle’s damaged glass with as minimal trouble to you as possible; regardless of your car’s age, make or model, we provide professional services with superior quality to fix your car glass. Whether it’s a small scratch or a shattered windscreen, we assure safe, quality and reliable services. Leave your problem to us. We take extreme care of each and every one of our customers. Sit back, relax and rest assured that your car will be returned as good as new within a short time. Our company is always concerned about sustaining. We are also equipped with many varieties, of glasses to take care of your doors, vent, rack and quarter glasses too. We are proud to say that our supply of glasses is very large, and never run out of a necessary part. For this reason, we are able to provide you with same-day service.

Auto Glass Canada Toronto

Auto Glass Canada dominates this field, always applying the latest technology and knowledge to our repair system.

Auto Glass Canada Toronto

Auto Glass Canada is the country’s premier windshield replacement & windshield repair services company

Our trained and licensed technicians take care of your every requirement from start to finish. We‘re always just a call away!. Our glass specialists can come to your location at a time and date convenient for you. To make this process even more seamless, our team will handle all insurance related issues on your behalf. Take a deep breath, you are in good hands.

Serving over 20 years

We have been repairing and replacing glasses since 2001

We come to you

Wherever you are, we’re just a call away!

Quality Windshields

We use High quality OEM and Original Auto Glass & windshield

We repair rock chips and crack windshield up to 6 inches

Why Work With us

Free Mobile Service In Toronto

We Deal with your Insurance for Deductibles

Low Windshield Replacement Cost

We do our best to give maximum deductible

We Can Provide Service Anywhere in the GTA

Speedy and Low Hassle Process

Professional Crack Repair up to 6 inches

We only use Top Quality Windshields for Replacement

Our Employees will Arrive at your Location in 30 Minutes or Less

windshield Crack Repair and Stone Chip Repair
Windshield Chip Repair

Wherever you are,
we’re just a call away!

Auto Glass Canada Windshield Repair

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