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ADAS Recalibration Matters After Windshield Replacement

Why ADAS Recalibration Matters After Windshield Replacement?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), are a set of technologies and systems designed to assist drivers in safe driving. This operates through sensors, and cameras mounted on a windshield. It monitors the vehicle’s surroundings and provides assistance to the driver. Many of the newer cars in Canada come with this advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). These are significant developments in automotive technology.

Here are some key aspects and significance of ADAS

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Forward Collision
Alert (FCA)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Lane Departure
Warning (LDW)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Lane Keep
Assist (LKA)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Adaptive Cruise

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Driver Status
Monitoring (DSM)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Traffic Sign
Recognition (TSR)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Detection (PD)

Significance of ADAS Calibration

Blind Spot
Monitoring (BSM)

The Importance of Windshield Replacement

A properly installed windshield ensures your safety by providing structural support and preventing the roof from collapsing during a rollover accident.

Additionally, it’s crucial for the proper functioning of your ADAS, as the sensors and cameras are typically located in or near the windshield. Therefore, when you opt for a windshield replacement, it’s imperative to take into account the recalibration of these advanced systems.

Why ADAS Recalibration Matters

Imagine your lane-keeping assist doesn’t work correctly, and your vehicle starts drifting unintentionally. Even worse, your adaptive cruise control fails to detect the car in front of you. These issues can happen because of a tiny change, like moving the camera slightly.

You see, ADAS is mounted on the windshield. When your vehicle needs a windshield replacement, it has to be removed and reattached. So, after the windshield replacement, it’s crucial to recalibrate the ADAS. This ensures that all the sensors and cameras are aligned correctly.

But recalibration isn’t only necessary after a new windshield. It’s also needed if something gets unplugged, if there’s a problem, or if you change how the wheels or suspension are set up. Basically, any change that could affect the camera’s view requires fixing to keep your ADAS working as it should and to maintain your safety on the road.

DIY Methods Are Not Safe

Now, some may be tempted to take a DIY approach to ADAS recalibration, thinking it’ll save time and money. However, this is a dangerous misconception. ADAS recalibration is a highly specialized task that requires precise tools, expert knowledge, and a controlled environment.

Attempting to recalibrate these systems without the proper equipment and expertise can lead to inaccurate calibrations, rendering your safety features ineffective.

Why You Should Trust the Professionals

The experts at Auto Glass Canada are well-trained and experienced in both replacing and calibrating your windshield. If your ADAS-equipped vehicle requires professional windshield replacement, simply book an appointment, and we’ll ensure your safety on the road.

When sensors and cameras don’t work correctly, they send the wrong information. This can make important things like blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance, and lane assist stop working

If an ADAS vehicle isn’t calibrated right, it can become unsafe and hard to control. The safety features might not work the way they should. This can lead to the car suddenly braking or swerving when it’s not needed because the system isn’t working smoothly.

Don’t risk the well-being of yourself and your passengers with a DIY approach. Trust the experts at Auto Glass Canada for a job done right. Your safety on the road is worth it!

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