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What to Expect During the Auto Glass Replacement Appointment?

Before hiring an auto glass replacement service, it’s better to understand what you can expect from them. During the appointment, auto glass consultants will inspect your auto glass damage and recommend specific replacement processes. The technician will also provide an estimate for the total price of the replacement, including labor and parts. If you decide to proceed with the replacement after receiving the quote, we will schedule a time that works best for you.

Windshield Repair

Our Experienced Technician will assess the Damage to Your Auto Glass

A comprehensive investigation of the damaged area is the first step in determining the extent of the damage. Our experts will evaluate the damage and suggest if it can be fixed or if a replacement is required. We will consider your car’s model and year, the accessibility of new glass, and how long the replacement is expected to take. After the evaluation, you will get a full-price breakdown to replace the auto glass.

How to Schedule an Appointment for Auto Glass Replacement with us?

Booking an appointment for auto glass replacement is simple and quick with Auto Glass Canada. You can visit us to schedule a convenient in-person appointment or call us at +1 (800) 966-1869. To book an appointment online, visit our website and submit the request form. Once you have submitted the request, we’ll let you know the exact time, place, and other relevant details.

How do the Technicians Install the New Glass and Ensure its Proper Functioning?

The professionals at Auto Glass Canada install your auto glass using the most modern methods and equipment. Professional tools like suction cups and wedges let our experts get the new pane in the right place and angle. Once installed, we double-check the job to ensure it complies with our safety and quality standards.

Auto Glass Canada is proud of its high standards for quality and safety. We have a strict quality assurance process to ensure your new auto glass is installed correctly and works properly. Here’s the detailed process to replace your auto glass:

First, the technician will carefully remove the old glass and clean the area to ensure the new glass will seal properly.

Secondly, we will apply a strong glue and put it in the new glass with specific tools. We confirm that it fits accurately and is in the right place.

Later, we will double-check the work to guarantee it meets our high quality and safety standards.

The technicians will check if the replaced glass works well and doesn’t leak.

Once the job is done, our consultants will suggest how to take care of your new auto glass and tell you about any warranties available.

Which Payment Options are Available at Auto Glass Canada?

For replacing auto glass, Auto Glass Canada lets you pay in cash, with a credit card, or a debit card to replace auto glass. We also work with many insurance companies and can help you file a claim. You can use the insurance coverage to pay the replacement cost. Our staff can help you understand your insurance coverage so that the process goes smoothly and without problems.

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All in all, it is important to choose the right type of auto glass to keep the passengers safe and comfortable. Call us to learn about the auto glass we use and get a free quote for your work. Our professionals will guide you to pick the right one for your vehicle.

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