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OEE windshields or OEM Windshield? Choosing the Right Option

When it’s time to replace your car’s windshield, you might be wondering: “Should I go for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield or the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) windshield?” No worries, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll dive into both options and help you make a smart choice. So, let’s buckle up and embark on the journey to windshield wisdom!

Vehicle Windshield

OEM Windshields

Imagine getting a windshield that is an exact match for the one your vehicle had when it rolled off the assembly line. That’s precisely what an OEM windshield offers. Picture this: OEM windshields are like a perfect match made in windshield heaven. They are crafted by the very same company that made the original windshield for your beloved car. This means you can expect an impeccable fit in terms of size, shape, and quality. It’s like finding the missing puzzle piece that completes the picture-perfect look of your vehicle. So, when you choose an OEM windshield, you can be confident that it will fit seamlessly and maintain the highest standards of excellence. No gaps, no worries!


Quality and Compatibility: OEM windshields are designed to meet the strict specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer. They are made using high-quality materials, ensuring optimum performance and safety.

Precise Fit: Since OEM windshields are specifically made for your vehicle’s make and model, they fit seamlessly, preserving the original aesthetics and maintaining structural integrity.

Warranty Coverage:Some vehicle manufacturers offer extended warranty coverage for OEM parts, including windshields. This can provide additional peace of mind and potentially save you money on repairs.

OEE Windshields

Imagine getting a windshield that is an exact match for the one your vehicle had when it rolled off the assemblOriginal Equipment Equivalent (OEE) windshields are produced by manufacturers who aren’t the same as your vehicle’s original windshield supplier but meet or exceed industry standards. OEE windshields are designed to be comparable in quality and functionality to OEM windshields while offering a more affordable alternative.


Cost-Effective: OEE windshields are often priced lower than OEM options, making them a budget-friendly choice without compromising on quality.

Widely Available: OEE windshields are generally more readily available since multiple manufacturers produce them. This can reduce lead times for replacement and increase convenience.

Certified Standards:Reputable OEE manufacturers adhere to industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring their windshields meet rigorous quality requirements.

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Choosing the Right Option

Now that we’ve explored the advantages of both OEM and OEE windshields, how do you make the right choice? Consider the following factors:

Vehicle Age and Value: If you have a newer or high-end vehicle, opting for an OEM windshield may be the best choice to preserve its originality and value. For older or less valuable vehicles, an OEE windshield can provide a cost-effective solution without compromising safety.

Insurance Coverage: Review your insurance policy to understand the coverage for windshield replacements. Some policies may have specific requirements or preferences regarding OEM or OEE parts. Consult with your insurance provider to make an informed decision.

Professional Advice: Seek guidance from experienced technicians or trusted professionals at reputable auto glass shops. They can evaluate your vehicle’s specific needs and help you choose the right windshield option based on your circumstances.

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Whether you decide on an OEM or OEE windshield, both options offer their own set of advantages. The choice ultimately depends on your vehicle’s age, value, personal preferences, and insurance coverage. Remember to consider safety, quality, and compatibility as key factors when making your decision. So, hit the road with confidence, knowing that your windshield choice is the perfect fit for your needs!

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