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Auto Glass Repair – Stouffville

Auto Glass Canada Stoufill

Get Your Windshield Fixed Today in Stouffville! We will Come to Your Home or Office Any Area in Stouffville Auto Glass Canada can Repair or Replace all type of glass on all make, all models of your Vehicle.

All Makes of Auto Glass in Stock. Lowest price! Call Now for a Quote. We come to your home or office to fix your car’s glass. Serving the greater Toronto area (gta) and surrounding cities with mobile service. Best Quality Lowest Price Auto Glass replacement service in Stouffville

we replace and repair windshield door glass back glass quarter glass vine glass all models of cars and vans with quality care and life time warranty We use Top quality vintage glass and product best quality work with flexible customer service we guarantee you the cheapest price in Stouffville

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Banner slogan: Your windshield could save your life- never neglect it!

Windshield Repair or Replacement in Stouffville

Every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you see the windshield in front of you… but it’s only when the glass gets cracked that you actually pay any attention to it! Even then, most car drivers postpone getting a chip or a crack fixed till it becomes too large to ignore.

What we fail to realise is that the windshield is not just there to keep the wind off your face when you drive. It is one of the most important structural components of your vehicle, as it supports the roof and pillars and keeps the framework intact. Without the windshield, the roof could collapse during a rollover accident. Besides, in most cars, the front airbags deploy vertically up the windshield glass in case of an accident, and it thus offers protection during a frontal impact collision. In fact the very safety of the occupants in your car is linked to the structural integrity of your windshield.

All good reasons to not postpone getting your cracked windshield looked into! When you come to Auto Glass Stouffville, you trust the services of the best auto glass technicians in town. We will carry out a thorough assessment to check whether your windshield glass can be repaired or needs a replacement. Generally, if the diameter of the crack is smaller than that of a quarter, or the length of the crack is less than that of a dollar bill, it will be possible to repair the crack rather than replace the entire glass. This will help you save cost and effort, and the repaired glass will be virtually blemish free if the repair is done by an expert.

However, in some cases the crack may be too long or too deep, or it may be close to the edge of the glass. In this case, a windshield replacement is your only safe option. Your technician will remove the damaged windshield and inspect, clean and prepare the pinchweld area around the opening. After a thorough cleaning, fresh adhesive will be applied and the new windscreen glass set in place carefully. You will need to wait a minimum of an hour for the adhesive to completely cure, before you drive away your vehicle.

Needless to say, unless your repair or replacement is carried out by expert technicians with sufficient expertise, you will be compromising your safety and that of the occupants of your vehicle. When you come to Auto Glass Stouffville, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands!

Do call us today for a no-obligation quote!

Auto Glass Repair or Replacement in Stouffville

If your side window or rear window is cracked, unfortunately a repair will not be possible. The glass used on these windows is tempered glass, made by a special heating and cooling process, which is designed to fracture into small pieces with rounded edges upon impact. Due to the nature of the glass a repair will not be possible and a total replacement is your only safe option.

If your side or rear window is cracked, you need to get the replacement done at the earliest in order to drive safely again. When you come to Auto Glass Stouffville for the glass replacement, you are assured that your vehicle is in good hands. We always protect the bodywork and interior of your vehicle before we undertake the work. Any broken glass is thoroughly cleaned and the damage is assessed before we commence the work.

The replacement glass is chosen in such a way that it is in line with Original Equipment Manufacturers’ specifications (OEM glass). We carry out pre and post inspections to ensure that functionality and mechanisms are intact and the windows can be rolled up or down perfectly after the work is finished.

In fact, we’re so sure of our workmanship that we offer guarantees on the quality of material and labour, so that you can have a stress free installation!

So don’t hesitate- just give us a call and we will book an appointment for your glass replacements. In fact, if you are too rushed for time and cannot come over, don’t worry- we will send our mobile service team across to your doorstep, for your convenience!

Come to Auto Glass Stouffville for a hassle free car glass replacement, from start to finish…and continue driving safe!

Mobile Services

Even the smallest crack can turn into a huge problem if left neglected. We know that with your busy schedules, you may often tend to postpone a visit to the auto glass shop. With our mobile services, now help is just a call away!

We come to your office or home, saving you valuable time and money, and bringing you world class services at a price that is assured to be 10% lower than that of our nearest competitor.

Don’t compromise your safety and that of your passengers; give us a call before it is too late!

The best Auto glass professionals in town are just a call away!

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