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Auto Glass Canada

We Guarantee the Best Price in the Market!

We guarantee that our prices are better than any other nation wide repairers. This is because of our access to exclusive warehouses in and around the GTA. Through our exclusive access to these warehouses we are able to provide a quality replacement at low prices. We charge you the warehouse price on all windshields, so you don’t have to pay extra with other companies. Our price also does not compromise quality as all of our glasses are certified and are also installed by our certified technicians. With Auto Glass Canada you can get a quality windshield on your car that doesn’t break the bank.

Whatever Make or Model, we’ve got it!

No matter what car or what model it is we can ensure you that at Auto Glass Canada we will have what you’re looking for. With the access of many warehouses in and around the GTA we are able to get your windshield replaced no matter the make or model. Also not only do we replace windshield we replace all sorts of auto glasses such as:

Door Glass | Vent Glass | Quarter Glass | Back/Rear Windshields

Covered by Insurance? You’re in luck!

Here at Auto Glass Canada, we are covered by all of Ontario’s top insurance companies. We also offer an option for direct billing to your insurance company, giving you a hassle free repair or replacement. We also offer a better deductible discount giving you the best prices compared to other leading services. Some conditions apply, call us to make sure you are eligible.

Free Mobile Service for Everyone

Here at Auto Glass Canada we want our customers to receive the best customer experience possible. We offer free Mobile Service, no matter your location, in and around the G.T.A. from 9am to 9pm on the Weekdays and 10am to 7pm on the Weekends. Also call during our Prime Days and you might receive your repair/replacement on the Same Day. This is to ensure that you are not driving around with a broken windshield, which is not only dangerous to you, but for the people around you. Also you may also be fined around $110 for a chip or up to $500 for a large crack. To avoid this call Auto Glass Canada, as soon as possible to book an appointment.

We are a Green Company, with quality materials!

Since the start of our company, we have been avid supporters of the Green Initiative. Many windshield have been thrown out into landfills. A windshield can take many years in those landfills to degrade and decompose and sometimes end up in the wrong landfills causing not only harm to animals but humans too. In order to avoid this we try our best to repair any windshield before we go ahead and replace it. With our special gel treatment we repair most cracks and chips on windshield which most dealerships and leading repair shops can’t do. Our repairs are done with exclusive Gel based resins which most companies don’t have access too. Many companies resort to water based resins which are not only a temporary solution but can also cause long term damage to your windshield. With Auto Glass Canada we ensure our customers are always safe, which is why we use Gel based resins which not only permanently seal windshield cracks but also help us from wasting windshield. So don’t, wait for the chip to become a crack, call us immediately to save your wallet and the planet!